Title I Information


Philadelphia Academy receives Title I funds and is a Schoolwide Title I Program. A Schoolwide Title I program is a comprehensive reform strategy designed to upgrade the educational program in grades K-12. The primary goal of a Schoolwide Title I program is to ensure that all students, particularly those who are low achieving, demonstrate proficient and advanced levels of achievement on State academic standards. Funds from Title I are used to further this purpose.

The emphasis of a Schoolwide Program is on serving all students, improving all structures that support student learning, and combining all fiscal resources to maximize student improvement. In a Title I Schoolwide program, all students are considered Title I students and all teachers are considered Title I teachers.  Materials purchased with federal dollars can be used throughout the building for all students and all teachers. Your student will be able to receive additional support from any staff member.

Because all students are Title I students, all parents are encouraged to become involved as Title I parents.  Parent Involvement is a vital piece of the Title I program. Parent workshops are offered to support parents and their students.  Parent events are held to welcome you to the school community. The Parent Advisory Council, or PAC, participates in the development of all Title I Documents. Please take a few moments to review the Title I Documents in this section of the website, which is located below.

Should you need any additional information regarding our Title I program, you may contact the Federal Programs Coordinator by clicking here.