About Philadelphia Academy Charter

The Mission of the Philadelphia Academy Charter School is to prepare students to achieve the highest level of their potential, whether academically, socially or morally. Our aim is to create life-long learners who exercise self-discipline and self-motivation and attain a high level of human fulfillment. Central to our vision is the notion that we help our students to recognize that their fulfillment is rooted in the care and respect that they show to themselves and to others, both within and outside of the school setting. To those ends, we ensure that the school’s faculty and staff are consummate professionals, dedicated to the needs of students and parents. Our certified faculty and staff are required to maintain high expectations and provide creative, rigorous instruction, utilizing state of the art educational tools. At the same time, our faculty and staff commit themselves to modeling for our students a love of learning and a deep level of caring and respect for our students and the members of our community.