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Philadelphia Academy CS Grade School

Our PACS Coaches are responsible for the following:

Coaches are responsible for communication on all of SEPCAL rules, regulations, and expectations of parents, guardians, spectators and student-athletes. Coaches are responsible for maintaining communication with PACS Administration, Athletic Director, Parents, Teachers, and Students daily.

GS Athletic Director – Ms. Kaymay Werner

Ms. Werner has been the Director of PACS Athletics since 2002. She is the Physical Education & Health Teacher, Athletic Director, and currently the President of SEPCAL. She runs the Board of Directors as an executive board member of the South Eastern Pennsylvania Charter Athletic League. She is the founder of SEPCAL, where her major function is the responsibility for managing the athletic league in accordance with the established mission and vision of SEPCAL and Board policy, keeping the needs of member schools the highest in performance of all other duties.

Any student who wish to tryout for PACS Sports teams 5th through 8th must have a PIAA COMPREHENSIVE INITIAL PRE-PARTICIPATION PHYSICAL EVALUATION (CIPPE) by a doctor. The forms 5 pages need to be filled out by a parent/guardian and page 6 by a Doctor and on file in the Athletic Office before tryouts begin.

The CIPPE may not be authorized earlier than June 1st and shall be effective, regardless of when performed during a school year, until the latter of the next May 31st or the conclusion of the spring sports season. For the PIAA Physical Form, Please Click Here. For SEPCAL Rules, Please Click Here For the schools’ addresses we visit please check on that particular sport. Hope to see you at our next game. Thank you.