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Founded in 2003

The Charger Creed

I am a Charger;
fearless in the face of challenge,
honest in my efforts,
and steadfast in my convictions.
Success is attainable with
determination, integrity, and honor.
I am a Charger,
I will succeed.



Our high school serves almost 450 members of our community. In alignment with the Pennsylvania state standards, we offer our students a college-preparatory and career-ready education, including a wide range of electives, such as Music, Art, Robotics, Ecology, Zoology, and Culinary. In addition, we also have four Advanced Placement courses: US History, US Government, Calculus, and Literature and Composition.

Currently, a capital improvement project is underway as we have begun construction on a state of the art Bio-Tech STEM Lab and greenhouse that will be opening for the upcoming 2017 school year. This is our next step in our vision for preparing students for the ever-evolving career fields of the 21 st century.

In addition to our academics, our school also offers a wide range of extracurricular activates. Philadelphia Academy is the home of the Chargers! Our varsity teams include Golf (Three time city champions), Boys Soccer (Three time city champions, One time PIAA champions), Girls Soccer (One time city champions, One time PIAA champions), Baseball (One time city champions), Softball (Two time PIAA champions, One time city champions), Boys Basketball, and Girls Basketball (Celebrating our first student with a 1,000 + career points). Our academic extracurricular activities are showcased by our Chess and Debate teams, as well as the following programs: Ethics, World Views, Research Lab, Silent Study, Yearbook Committee, Environmental/Ecology, Community Service, and Model United Nations.

Post-secondary, we pride ourselves in the fact that 100% of our students leave Philadelphia Academy with an immediate path for the future, whether it is a career field, military service, or higher education, with approximately 85% of our graduating students choosing to pursue a college degree.


Philadelphia Academy Charter High School (PACHS) offers the following:

The Mathematics Department is committed to helping students become problem solvers and critical thinkers who are able to build on their knowledge of math through Algebra, Geometry and beyond. Our students will be able to use logical and abstract reasoning in real life problems, through the use of technology and in future courses in math and science. The Mathematics Department will engage students with lessons and projects that will illustrate multiple concepts and interdisciplinary interconnections with science, history, writing, art, music and technology. In order to accomplish our mission students will not only be assessed using traditional methods of testing but though, projects, homework, class work, cooperative activities, and class participation.

PACH’s Science Department will provide your students with a strong base in Environmental, Biological, Chemical, and Physical Sciences. The goal of our program is to integrate classroom, laboratory, and field activities to build a strong foundation. Students will learn about such topics as Cellular biology, flora, fauna, human body, atomic models, chemical properties, chemical reactions, biomes, life cycles, environmental cycles, environmental threats, and physical laws (thermodynamics, relativity, force and motion).

The English Department is dedicated to student excellence in diverse fields of education. The English Department has developed a curriculum that furthers the goals of achieving this high level of comprehension and utilization in the areas of grammar, exposition, and literature. Beginning in 9th grade, students will be provided with a strong foundation in grammar, which will be reemphasized each subsequent year, becoming more challenging as they progress through school. Students will be engaged in and master the elements of rhetoric and composition, starting with the traditional five-paragraph essay and culminating in the research paper. Building on the strength of a progressive four-year textbook structure that covers such varied genres as poetry, drama, essays, fiction, and biographies, students will be exposed to some of the greatest masterpieces in World, British, and American literature via supplementary texts. All of the texts emphasize a diverse range of art and letters in genders, philosophies, religions, and ethnicities.

PACH’s Social Studies Department is committed to creating an innovative curriculum that is designed to produce well-rounded, socially aware students, equipped with real world skills that they will utilize for a lifetime. Our department will expose students to historical concepts, diverse civilizations and cultures, contemporary geography, philosophies, religions, gender roles in society, changes in government, economic theories, and race relations in society. The Social Studies Department will engage students in lessons and projects centered around literature, art, poetry, and music of the times being studied in order to create a worldly student. 
In order to accomplish our mission, it is crucial for students to become familiar with the entire world they are studying. Students will be required to read one novel per academic year (either written about or written during the time being studied) as well as complete two interdisciplinary projects (one relative to Math and Sciences and one relating to Arts and Humanities) per academic year. Students will also be required to think critically about music, art, poetry, and foods from different time periods. These requirements will make some abstract concepts of History more tangible to our students. The curriculum at Philadelphia Academy Charter stresses integrated learning, in which every subject works together to develop a unified experience, providing students with a holistic view of how each subject applies to the real world.

The Foreign Language Department is committed to creating an innovative curriculum that is designed to produce well-rounded, culturally aware students, equipped with real world skills that they will utilize for a lifetime. In the Spanish and French Departments, we advocate for an eclectic approach that focuses on language as a communicative tool and as a means to further learning via interdisciplinary thematic units. The Foreign Language program will enhance students’ language art skills, cognitive development, and multicultural awareness and will help students develop basic communicative skills in the target language.


Extracurricular activities at Philadelphia Academy belong to our students. We offer a broad range of programs including National Honor Society, student government, and a community service corp. Student interest and commitment drive our programs and students partner closely with dedicated faculty moderators. Our goal is to extend learning through student participation in extracurricular programs. Students learn the importance of leading, serving, and engaging with their peers and the community through extracurricular programs.

Here are some of our extracurricular programs:

  • SAT Preparation (Fall sessions and Spring sessions)
  • Environmental Club
  • Model United Nations
  • Academic Tutoring
  • Drama Club
  • Chess Club
  • Community Service Club
  • Robotics and Engineering Club
  • Student Council
  • Charger Weekly News Broadcast
  • Yearbook
  • Music Club
Dear Parent/Guardian:

The Keystone Exams are end-of- course assessments designed to assess proficiency in various subjects. During the 2016-2017 school year, the following Keystone Exams will be available: Algebra I, Literature and Biology. In future years, pending funding, additional Keystone Exams may be administered.

The Keystone Exams are one component of Pennsylvania’s proposed system of high school graduation requirements. Keystone Exams will help school districts guide students toward meeting state standards.

Assessment Dates
Algebra- Module 1 May 15, 2017
Algebra- Module 2 May 16, 2017
Literature- Module 1 May 17, 2017
Literature- Module 2 May 18, 2017
Biology- Module 1 May 22, 2017
Biology- Module 2 May 23, 2017

On the Philadelphia Academy Charter School website, you will find some common questions about the Keystone, the cell phone policy, calculator policy, and code of conduct for test takers. Please reinforce the importance of following test procedures with your student. http://philadelphiaacademy.org/hs/
For more detailed information about the Keystone exams, please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Standards Aligned System website at www.pdesas.org.

For more detailed information about the Keystone exams, please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Standards Aligned System website at www.pdesas.org.


Angela Pazdunkiewicz M.Ed.

Assistant Principal / High School Assessment Coordinator

Keystone Information (English)

Keystone Information (Spanish)

Code of Conduct

Calculator Policy

Cell Phone Policy